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Honda RC213V nr. 35 Factory Spec – CAL CRUTCHLOW

Honda RC213V nr. 35 - Cal CrutchlowHonda RC213V nr. 35 - Cal Crutchlow

Honda RC213V nr. 35 - Cal Crutchlow

Honda RC213V nr. 35 - Cal Crutchlow

Engine features: Four stroke liquid cooled pneumatic valve engine, V4 ,DOHC 4

Displacement: up to 1000 cc

Maximum Power: over 260 HP

Maximum Speed: over 350 km/H

Gearbox: Six speed "seamless" cassette type gearbox with alternative optional ratio

Clutch: Fully adjustable multi plate slipper clutch

Exhaust: Arrow Titanium line

Overall length: 2050mm to 2070mm up to circuit lay out and specification

Overall height: 1125mm

Overall width: 645mm

Weight: 158kg

Fuel: 20 litres capacity


Chassis Features: Aluminium twin spare frame
Fully adjustable steering and geometry
Fully adjustable HRC magnesium triple clamp

Front Forks: Fully adjustable Öhlins TRVSP25 diam 48mm upside down

Rear Suspension: Fully adjustable Öhlins TRSP44

Tyres: Michelin

Wheel: OZ

Front Brakes: Brembo 4 pistons caliper, 320/340mm Brembo carbon disc

Rear Brake: Brembo Twin piston caliper, 196mm Yutaka steel disc

Screen: Rama

Grip: ProGrip

Sprockets: PBR

All accessory: Rizoma